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New Unit Leader - Website Overload

Boy Scout FleurdelisSo you find yourself a brand new UNIT leader of a scouting unit (Committee Chair, Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/, Chartered Org Representative...).  Now you have a lot of questions. 

This article outlines the various websites that you have at your disposal along with detailing which sites are pertinent to your getting started as a UNIT leader.

Primary Websites

Wow, there are so many!  Where do I start?  Which ones do I need to register for?  Where do I start?

  • Boy Scouts of America.  http://www.scouting.org/.
    • BSA National.
    • Headquarters here in Irvine, Texas!
    • NO Website Registration needed
  • BSA National's Training and Unit management site.  http://my.scouting.org.
    • Youth and Adult online registration!
    • Online Training
    • Unit Management for Unit's Key-3 leaders.
      • Unit level Training overview, updated daily
      • Ability to create training records in the national system.  Useful for in person training that doesn't make it to national or older scouters with old records not yet in the database.
      • Updates for your unit's information at http://www.beascout.org is located here!  Be sure to update this as soon as there is a Key 3 leadership change
      • Training validation.  With a leader's BSA ID, you can look up their training here.
  • Circle Ten Council.  http://circleten.org/.
    • Just over a dozen counties in North Texas and Oklahoma.
    • NO Website Registration needed
  • Golden Arrow District.  http://goldenarrow.circleten.org/.
    • Southern half of Plano ISD.
    • This website, a sub-domain of the Circle Ten council website.
    • Has a single / combined view for both the Golden Arrow District and the Circle Ten council.
    • Outside of the monthly district Roundtable, this is your best source of information.
    • NO Website Registration needed
  • Circle Ten Council's CampMaster event registration.  https://circle10.camp-master.com/
    • You should register here as soon as possible and update the primary leadership of your unit.
    • You will use this to register for council and some district events.

Other Websites

There are several other national websites / tools that you will use during your time as a unit leader.  You will learn about those tools when they are needed through the monthly District Roundtable.