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Webelos Woods

Webelos Woods

Webelos Woods2016 Webelos Woods @ Camp James Ray was Sep 30 - Oct 2.
Webelos Woods is district-organized event that culminates in a weekend of fun outdoor activities with the intent of providing opportunities for advancement and to aid with the Webelos-to-Scout transition. Webelos and their adult partner will get an interactive preview of the Boy Scouting program through a series of fun-filled activities accentuating the scouting experience.

This event is an opportunity for you, your Webelos scout, and his fellow scouts to enjoy a weekend of fun, educational, and challenging activities while meeting some of our exceptional Boy Scout Troops in our District. 
During this event, your Webelos may satisfy some of his rank advancement requirements. Any advancement completed during this event is the responsibility of each Unit Leader to report to their Pack’s Advancement Chair.

2016 Webelos Woods @ Camp James Ray

September 30 - October 2, 2016

Event activities follow a scheduled rotation from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday followed by a campfire program at 7:30pm. Camping during this weekend is encouraged, but not a requirement.

Radios, boom boxes, bicycles, two-way radios, guns, fireworks, fixed blade knives, axes, hatchets, chain saws, PETS, and alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed. Basically, anything that could be a safety concern for our participants or a nuisance to others should NOT be brought to this event. All BSA and Circle Ten Council campground policies must be followed. Smoking is not permitted in the camp. If you must smoke, please use your personal vehicle in the parking lot.
Campfires are only permitted in established fire rings. Units may NOT dig new fire pits. Be sure all campfires are completely out (no heat/embers) before leaving the campsite for activities, retiring for the night, and before you check out on Sunday. A fire check will be made and you will be asked to extinguish the fire if no one is tending it.
All vehicles will be parked in the main parking lot. Due to limited parking space, carpooling is encouraged. THERE IS NO PARKING ALLOWED AT THE CAMPSITES. NO RIDERS IN THE BED OF TRUCKS OR TRAILERS.
*** To ensure the safety of all participants, no vehicles will be allowed on camp roads during Saturday's program from 9:00am to 5:00pm. ***
Camping will be by Pack in an assigned campsite. Due to the size and participation in this event, it will be necessary for packs to share a campsite. Please refrain from roping off your camping area. Tent camping only, no campers or RV's will be allowed in the camp. Each Pack/Den is responsible for their own meals. Please be sure to bring carrying containers for water. Use of gas stoves and charcoal should follow BSA policies and guidelines. Bring your own TOILET PAPER AND TRASH BAGS.
Be prepared for adverse weather.