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At midnight on December 31, 2016, everyone's recharter will expire UNLESS the paperwork and payment has been submitted to Circle 10 Council.


The Internet Recharter System has 5 steps, and after step 5  ("Submit"), then the unit needs to print out the recharter paperwork, obtain signatures from unit leadership AND the Charter Organization (Executive Officer/Institutional Head), turn-in the signed papers, and Journey To Excellence Paperwork, with payment to Fairview Office. 
While the recharter process is not difficult, it can be time consuming to track down members, payment and signatures!  Everyone should be starting the process NOW and planning to be finished no later than December 10 to allow time for the recharter to be processed by Circle 10 personnel. 
Please read the remainder of this message for more details.  ALSO REVIEW the "Internet Rechartering" Brochure.




Materials from the October 2015 Roundtable

* When viewing the Power Point presentations, be sure to check out the slide notes for additional information.


Recharter Details

1.  You need the CURRENT YEAR's  recharter code (last year's code won't work).  This was sent via letter to your Committee Chair and Unit Leader.  Don't have it?  Contact webaker@sherwin.com.  If you have not yet started the recharter process, please log-in to the on-line recharter system and get started immediately. 
Go to www.circleten.org, and select the "RESOURCES AND FORMS" tab in the "QUICK INFO" in the upper left corner of the photo box at the top of the homepage.  From the Resources and Forms page, select INTERNET RECHARTER just slightly down the page.  This will bring you to the LOG-IN screen for the Internet Recharter System.  THE FIRST TIME YOU LOG IN THIS YEAR, you are a "FIRST TIME USER".  Subsequently, you will be a returning user. 
2. Remember, all registered adults need to have CURRENT (within last 2 years) Youth Protection Training to recharter.   The "Face-to-Face" YPT taught this past year qualifies as valid YPT for 2 years.  If a leader has taken this training and it isn't showing in the system, get a copy (scan/e-mail) of their card and send it to webaker@sherwin.com, and also attach the copy to your recharter paperwork.
3.  Webelos II should be registered with the PACK unless they have actually transferred (paperwork done!) to a Troop by recharter time.  See more details in pamphlet.  Contact  webaker@sherwin.com if uncertain. 
4.  ALL CONTACT INFORMATION, including mailing address, phone and ESPECIALLY E-MAIL needs to be updated during the recharter process.  This is the simplest way to get this done.  Many communications are sent via email and regular mail to the unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc.) and Committee Chair of record.  Unless the contact information is update at all times, your unit may be missing out on key information.  
5.  While I absolutely encourage you to get your on-line recharter as accurate and complete as possible before hitting the magic "SUBMIT" button, please do NOT hold up the entire process for one or two applications that are awaiting a missing element (YPT/Signature).  These individuals (youth and adult) CAN be added AFTER the recharter, by the same process as always (turning in application and payment at the Scout office). 
6.  Your unit's signed 2015 Journey to Excellence Scorecard needs to be turned in with your recharter paperwork.  Even if you didn't meet any of the level goals, we need a copy of the scorecard for your unit.  No exceptions. 
MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE for your time, effort and attention to this task. Please contact me or your Unit Commissioner if we can help in any way.
Earl Baker
Golden Arrow District Commissioner 
(214) 553-2977

Online Recharter

Internet Recharter
Renew the charter for Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, and Ships

System Notes:

Internet Rechartering can only be accessed using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.  The best practice is to use the load council roster and correct your roster from this point.  Your recharter will directly affect your roster in Internet Advancement, please coordinate with you advancement chairs to ensure the accuracy of your information and always use full legal names.
A representative of each unit can now complete the paperwork for renewing a charter online. You will be able to:
  • Indicate returning members
  • Add new members
  • Update information for an individual or the chartered organization
  • Print your own recharter application

Tutorial and Help

Tutorial and Help is available online.  The tutorial is a step by step process that will take you through the complete online recharter process.

The Seven Step Process to Recharter Online:

  1. Get your unit Access Code from your Recharter Packet or District Commissioner.
  2. Collect all the current contact and parent information on your unit, sponsor, and members.
  3. Select "Recharter Now" button at the bottom of this page.
  4. Complete the rechartering process
  5. Print the recharter application
  6. Get necessary signatures on application
  7. Mail or deliver the recharter application, new member applications, and check to the Circle Ten Council Service Center

Timeline for Online Rechartering:

  1. 60 days before your units expiration date, select an adult to be the renewal processor.
  2. The renewal processor attends the appropriate Roundtable to receive training and the unit's Recharter Packet.
  3. 60-45 days before the unit's expiration date, the renewal processor clicks "Recharter Now"and begins the online Online Recharter process.
  4. When the Online Recharter is completed, print the completed charter renewal application.
  5. Obtain the unit leader, Chartered Organization Representative, and other required signatures. Bring the application along with material you received in your charter packet (such as the Quality Unit Application), and all appropriate fees to your District Charter turn-in meeting, or mail them to Scout Service center in Sacramento.
  6. Your unit's recharter date is the last chance to complete the process ON TIME and be eligible for the QUALITY UNIT AWARD.
  7. If the process is not completed by unit expiration date your recharter is LATE and you are INELIGIBLE TO BECOME A QUALITY UNIT.
  8. If the process is not completed by 60 days after years expiration date your unit will be "DROPPED" and NO LONGER EXISTS


For more information contact your District Commissioner