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Golden Arrow Commissioners

Commissioners are district volunteer leaders who help Scouting units succeed. They coach and consult with adult volunteer leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews. Commissioners help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. They also oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit re-registers on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members.

Your Golden Arrow District Commissioner Staff

District Commissioner: Rick Diamond

February's Boy Scout Roundtable Breakout

February's Boy Scout Roundtable Breakout

Boy Scout FleurdelisThis month we will start with a short presentation on earning Scholarships for your Eagle Scouts.

We will follow that with a review and discussion about the NEW Program Features for Troops, Teams and Crews - A Guide to Program Planning in 3 volumes.  This is a totally new collection of Planning Guides for 48 different program topics, from First Aid to Fitness, and Hiking to Living History.

Come hear how these new guides will make your youth led program planning MUCH EASIER.

BONUS:  Get a link to digital copies of Volumes 1 & 2 only for those attending Thursday's Boy Scout  Roundtable.

PLUS:  A Youth Leadership Lesson - The Troop Librarian - A Relevant Position and a Real Leader.  See how you can increase use of your Library and energise your Librarian!



The Golden Arrow district combined (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing and Varsity) Roundtable meets monthly.  All leaders and visitors interested in the Scouting program and welcome to attend.

May's Roundtable Agenda

May's Roundtable Agenda

Stay Informed Attend Roundtable  
Roundtable is Thursday, May 14th at 7:30pm!
May's Roundtable Agenda (All Programs/Units):
  • All: Program Preview
    • Every Unit Leader and Committee Chair is requested to attend as well as other key leaders and adults in your Unit
    • If you want to know what’s going on in our District and Council this is the place to be!
    • Please RSVP at http://circleten.org/program-preview-rsvp.  More can attend, but we'd like to be sure we have more than enough materials.
  • Did you know that you can find information presented at past Roundtables in our archives?

This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT Roundtable meetings of the year.  Here is where the Council and District “Program Preview” take place!  

What's a Program Preview you ask ? ... 



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