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POPCORN - Great Work Team!

Our annual Popcorn fundraiser is just about done and in its final stretch.

A BIG thanks goes out to everyone who made this another successful year for Popcorn fundraising!!

This year brought a refreshing change!!  

For historical purposes, here are links to the training and signup from the 2016 fundraiser.

  1. Unit Popcorn Kernel Training.  There are over half a dozen dates between August 2nd and 13th with various locations to best meet your busy schedule and location within the council.
  2. Michael Beck Sales Training.  The council has organized a fantastic training event for unit coordinators.  A second session has been setup due to overwhelming positive response from the first .  It will be held at AMC Valley View 16 on August 18th at 7pm.
  3. 2016 Popcorn Sales Sign-up this year is at John D. Murchison Scouting Center on Wednesday, August 31.